Rosener Manzstraat 60 3026 TV, Rotterdam The Netherlands


Welfare and support for Kenyans in the Netherlands

Community Wellness

  1. Bereavement
  2. Legal advise
  3. Induction into the Dutch society
  4. Encourage and support Kenyans with integration

Awareness and information about Kenya

Kenyan culture

  1. Investment opportunities
  2. Development corporation
  3. Academic exchanges
  4. cross-cultural training for expatriate to Kenya

Information and awareness creation among Kenya in the Netherlands

  1. Civic duties, responsibilities and participation Business opportunities in Kenya and NL Starting NGOs in NL for Kenya/Kenyans Government development strategies
  2. Travel and Tourism
  3. Access to higher education and scholarship opportunities
  4. Career opportunities in NL for Kenyan students studying at Dutch Universities Insurance coverage in NL
  5. Investment opportunities and access to capital in the Netherlands
  6. Cultural Exchange and participation in the Dutch Society

 Representation of the Kenyan community

  1. Engagement with the Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Kenya Government,
  2. Engagement with the Dutch Government and relevant institutions at the national and local government level
  3. Engagement and participation within the Dutch-based diaspora communities and platforms in the Netherlands
  4. Organizing of activities around Kenyan and Dutch national days in collaboration with other Kenyan organisations and the Embassy

Other Important Days


28th April is Kings day (Konings’ Dag) – Netherlands 1st  June  is Madarakaday – Kenya 20th October is Hero’s day – Kenya 12Th December is Jamuhuri Day – Kenya

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