Rosener Manzstraat 60 3026 TV, Rotterdam The Netherlands


Our key objectives are:

1. To promote inclusivity, equality of opportunity, diversity and good relations among Kenyans in the Netherlands.


2. To promote social and cultural harmony between the Kenyan Diaspora and the Dutch.

  3. To establish, facilitate and maintain structured engagement between the Kenyan Diaspora and the Kenyan embassy/government as well as the Dutch government and agencies.

  4. To serve as a technical adviser, partner and catalyst to development agencies and government institutions both in Kenya and in the Netherlands.

  5. To create awareness and provide information to Kenyans on relevant developments that affect them in Kenya and the Netherlands.

  6. To promote and enhance Kenya’s image, culture, tourism, goods and services among Kenyans and the Dutch.

  7. To encourage structured collective and individual investments by Kenyans in Kenya and in the Netherlands.

  8. To encourage the active participation of Kenyans in the collective diaspora activities in the Netherlands.

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