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VSO-Nederland in partnership with Kenyan Diaspora Community in the Netherlands (KDCN) is offering a unique opportunity to Kenyan diaspora willing and committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise with Kenyans in their home country.


VSO is one of the world’s leading independent international development organizations working through volunteers. VSO has over 50 years’ experience working in 35 countries in Africa and Asia. VSO tackles poverty in developing countries by using the skills, commitment and enthusiasm of volunteers from around the world.


Why volunteer?

  • Volunteering gives you the opportunity to share the knowledge that you have gained abroad with other Kenyans back home;
  • You can contribute to the development of your home country;
  • It is a unique opportunity to contribute or influence  change in your home country;
  • You can gain a wealth of professional experience and new skills that makes you attractive to employers.





VSO Nederland in conjunction with KDCN is preparing a special programme giving Kenyan diaspora in the Netherlands the opportunity to work as volunteers in their home country for a period of 3 or 6 months.  Aim of this programme is to support the more vulnerable groups in Kenya and give them a chance to gain knowledge from fellow Kenyans. Secondly with this programme we hope to involve the Kenyan diaspora more in development issues and enhance the link between diaspora communities and development organizations.


Volunteers work in partnership with existing local organizations. To support your colleagues’ development as closely as possible, you will work directly with your local employer, reporting to a local manager.


As a VSO volunteer, you work to specific objectives, just as you do in your usual working life. This enables you and your employer to assess progress, and provides a sense of achievement as you meet these objectives.



Period of the programme which has now been approved by the Dutch government, will start in July 2014 and will stretch over 2 years. You can choose to go on your volunteer mission in 2014 or 2015. The work period will be 3 or 6 months. It should be noted that only 3 people will go at a time within those 2years.

Volunteer requirements


You need:


1. To have a minimum of two years’ experience in your professional field. In principal, a Masters or Bachelor degree would be required.  If you do not have these degrees but you do have wide experience in a relevant field we also encourage you to apply. We will assess the candidates case by case, and VSO-Kenya may make an exception to the common rule;


2. To have the right documentation and ability to travel between the Netherlands and Kenya;


3. To be a member of KDCN


4. To be willing to work for a modest living allowance and to live in conditions similar to those of local colleagues;


5. To be prepared to invest time in self-briefing and training before going to your placement;


6. To be prepared to coach the organization where you work after your return to the Netherlands. The idea is that you establish a long term relationship with you host organization and help them professionalize step by step;


7. To be prepared to give guest lessons at Dutch secondary schools to raise awareness among pupils of the distinctive value of migrants in the Netherlands.



VSO Nederland will take care of your flight ticket, necessary vaccinations, health check and basic medical insurance.  You will receive ‘home allowance’ of Eur 400 per month. This money will be banked to your Dutch account for your essential bills in the Netherlands.


VSO Kenya will provide for your accommodation in Kenya. You will earn a local salary of around Kes 27.500 per month.


Please note that this programme is focused on individual placements. VSO does not arrange family relocation.


How TO apply


Do you like to play a role in the development of your country of heritage?



Do not hesitate and apply for this unique opportunity!


Send your CV (in English) and a brief letter of motivation to KDCN on Email address: info@kdcn.org, vsoproject@kdcn.org or Chairman@kdcn.org


Application Deadline


The application is an ongoing exercise and the deadline is to be set soon.



The KDCN will be responsible for the recruitment and first selection. The candidates that are selected will then be presented to VSO Nederland, who will take care of the final recruitment and assessment.


It is emphasized that once a candidate is approved and contract signed, there will be no room for reversing the decision. Last minute change of mind is not allowed.


Very important note.

The proposal has been approved by the Dutch government this Tuesday 17th December 2013 so the project is guaranteed to kick off.



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